May 20, 2013

There is a desire to

The sun shining leaves, a touch of green warmth; flying all over the sky fluffy white floc, like an angel from the sky of poetry...... A picture of what a vivid picture! My heart suddenly rises a kind of touched.

Seeking to a the Peach Garden blockbuster of May, only to meet peach trees in blossom, it pink to shame, the full tree surrounded by peach together, such as sea waves. Bathed in the ten peach rain, heart cheong.

Trees, grass, flowers! Who is, the sky shed petals, has been charged with the moment.

The grass, found a unique unknown small flowers, the flowers so chic, open green flowers, still blossom in the flowers. With five petals purple flowers, each flower shy low head, but obvious flaunt a stubborn personality. Yellow daisies in full bloom, it is little and dainty, warm tranquility nestled in the receptacle, a cappella song and song.

Beside the Peach Garden, is a forest, in the shade of the trees, bath fragrance. The world can be so quiet.

The wind blowing trees, leaves rustling sound, as if a long time no hear this sound. I was listening, listening to the voice of nature in a, a light cannot the light sound, this is a kind of can pass through the voice of the soul.

I'm looking forward to, is not such a quiet? I desire, is not quiet in this sound?

This is a holy place is wrapped, this is a life care places, thick green grass such as tassels, wonderful, a few birds to shout, holy poplar tree they should be tonight home. When the river of life such as Teana like regression halcyon, whether I can out from the soil. The most recent and warm feelings, with the quiet beauty handshake?

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