October 28, 2021

Which places should be carefully crafted, which places can be spread

What should I do if I can’t find a suitable learning method because I have bad grades in high school mathematics?

1. Cultivate study habits. Good study habits include planning, self-study before class, concentration in class, timely review, independent work, problem solving, and summary and recording of mathematical knowledge points.

Students should have clear learning goals when making plans and arrange reasonable time.高中數學, Don't learn passively, but actively learn. But the plan must be practical and feasible. It has both long-term plans and short-term work arrangements. The implementation process is strict We ask ourselves to temper our will to learn.

Students self-study before class is a good new class, which is the basis for a better learning effect. Self-study before class can not only cultivate self-study ability, but also increase interest in learning new courses and master the initiative in learning. Self-study can’t follow the form. It is necessary to pay attention to quality, strive to understand the teaching materials before class, listen to the teachers’ opinions in class, grasp the key points, break through the difficulties, and try to solve the problems in the class.

Class is the key link to understand and master some basic knowledge, basic knowledge and skills and basic research methods. "After learning, we know it's not enough." Students who have taught themselves before class can concentrate on listening to the class. They know where to specify and where to omit. Which places should be carefully crafted, which places can be spread, and which places should be kept in mind, should be written down instead of copying all the records.

Timely review is an important part of high-efficiency learning. Through repeated reading of textbooks and multiple access to relevant materials, the understanding and memory of basic concepts and knowledge systems can be strengthened, and new knowledge learned and related old knowledge can be connected to analyze and compare while reviewing While organizing the review results in the notes, the new knowledge learned from "understanding" to "meeting."



About reading. My biggest lesson is here

What should I do if the high school math test is not good?

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August 11, 2021

What to do with rough pores? How to say goodbye to rough skin?

Today, let’s talk about the problem of large pores. pores may be a headache for most people. In fact, there are many reasons for their formation, and the targeted solutions are also different.

Skin care products can alleviate the continuous deterioration of the formation of large pores. Only continuous maintenance can make the pores look smaller. If you only spend a month to think about how much improvement you have,nu skin直銷 it is almost impossible.

Salicylic acid clears pores, tretinoin and alcohol A can stimulate the dermis and control oil. In theory, it can control oil, anti-aging, and increase skin elasticity. But the skin intolerant should be used rationally, and pregnant women should use it with caution.

Use antioxidant products, such as high-concentration VC, resveratrol, etc.nu skin直銷, VC antioxidant and stimulate collagen synthesis, combined with sun protection.

The rational use of the above methods can theoretically shrink pores, but each person's skin condition is very different, and compliance is also different, so it may not be effective for everyone.

Friends who are not serious or want to improve very much, it is better to learn makeup, makeup primer + foundation + concealer, there is always one that suits you, but remember to remove your makeup, if you have acne skin, hormone face, sensitive skin, then Forget it, repair your skin first.

If you want to use skin care products to turn into baby skin that can be broken by blows,nu skin直銷 I want to say stop dreaming, it will only improve on your original basis, but it is impossible to invisible at all pores. Many skin problems are irreversible. Yes, just like aging. No matter how much skin care products, facelifts, and medical beauty use, we will not be able to resist the natural laws of mankind. We will eventually grow old, just take care of it. After ten years, you will be older than your peers. Just slow down.

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July 19, 2021

What is inflammation of the urinary tract?

Urinary tract infection is medically called urinary tract infection (UTI), also commonly known as urinary tract infection. Urine is composed of kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra. The upper urinary tract is the kidney, and the lower urinary tract is the bladder and urethra. No matter which part of the urinary tract is infected, it will cause urinary discomfort.

Men and women have different infection rates due to different urinary tract structures. The distance from the urethral orifice to the bladder is about 18-20 cm in men, and only 3 cm in women. In addition, 尿道炎 病徵the urethral orifice of women is quite close to the vagina and anus, so it is easy to clean the vagina or anus after going to the toilet improperly or through sex. Nearby bacteria are brought into the urethra. Therefore, compared with men, women are more likely to develop urinary tract infections.

What are the symptoms of urinary tract infections?

In the case of lower urinary tract infection, women usually refer to cystitis and urethritis, and men usually refer to prostatitis; upper urinary tract infection is called pyelonephritis. Symptoms vary depending on the location of the infection. Frequent urination, blood in the urine, burning sensation and pain during urination are common symptoms of urinary tract infections. In addition to the same symptoms as urinary tract infections, urinary tract infections may cause fever, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Clinical statistics show that nearly a quarter of women have suffered at least one urinary tract infection in their lifetime, and some of them have even relapsed.

The cause of urinary tract infection?

The causes of urinary tract infections are as follows:

Insufficient drinking water: Drinking water will directly affect the frequency of urination, while drinking too little water will increase the time for bacteria to stay in the bladder or urethra, and then multiply and eventually cause infection.

Holding urine for a long time: some people engaged in specific tasks (such as chip operators, etc.).

Sexual behavior: In the process of sexual behavior, it is easy to bring bacteria in the vagina and anus into the urethra, and then infection.

Bad hygiene: After urinating, women should wipe from front to back, that is, from the vagina to the anus. When wiping in the opposite direction, it is easy to put bacteria in the tube and anus into the urethra and cause infection.

Decreased female hormones: When women reach menopause, due to the decrease of female hormones, the mucous membrane is dry and fragile, which makes bacteria easy to grow and increases the possibility of urinary tract infection.

What should I do with urinary tract infections?

Common pathogens that cause urinary tract infections (both upper urinary tract and lower urinary tract are possible) are Escherichia coli and Enterococcus. Antibiotics are usually used in medical treatment. However, excessive use of antibiotics can also destroy the flora of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby reducing human immunity. Therefore, in order to avoid urinary tract infection, the following measures can significantly reduce the risk of infection:

Drink enough water of 1500 ~ 2000 C.C. every day.

Urinate regularly and clean thoroughly after going to the toilet (wipe clean from front to back).

Avoid wearing tight pants to avoid poor ventilation and bacterial growth.

pay attention to the cleanliness of both parties before sex, and drink plenty of water after sex to increase urination.

Eat specific healthy foods to prevent urinary tract infections.

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July 05, 2021

How do scars form? What are the treatment methods? What are the pros and cons of each?

Skin scar healing is an important part of the body's self-defense system and is the result of skin wound healing. The skin is divided into epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat from the surface layer to the deep layer. In this three-layer structure, the dermis has a lot of collagen. In the process of wound healing, fibroblasts will regenerate and destroy collagen. This reorganization balances Related to scar formation. 去暗瘡印產品If only the epidermis or the superficial dermis is injured, it can usually be recovered, but if it reaches the reticular layer of the dermis and below, scars will be formed.

The scar matrix is ​​composed of fibroblast connective tissue students, does not contain elastic fibers, and only forms a thin layer of scar epithelium on the surface, which lacks the normal skin structure of the enterprise. As shown below:

In addition to the self-repairing mechanism of the skin, the generation and deterioration of scars are also related to skin surface tension, causes, individual influencing factors, and age.

1. Skin tension Skin tension includes external tension caused by the degree of skin tissue defect and inherent tension of skin tissue itself. The tension is large, and hypertrophic scars are prone to occur in the moving parts. The mandible and sternum are as follows: anterior, deltoid, upper back, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, and back of the foot.

2. Age: Young people are prone to occur, especially the highest rate of hyperplastic scars in 10-20 years old, mainly due to the vigorous growth of tissues during adolescence, strong post-traumatic reactivity, and high skin tension;

3. Skin pigment: people with pigmentation have more pigment cells and are easy to trigger reactions. The heart rate of blacks is 9 times higher than that of whites. It is easy to occur during the physiological activities of the pituitary gland, 除疤方法such as adolescence and pregnancy;

4. Infection: Repeated infection, long-term wound exposure, excessive proliferation of granulation tissue, proliferative scars or keloids are prone to occur.

5. Foreign bodies falling into the wound. Dust, talcum powder, fibers, and residual hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands can cause tissue reactions and cause scar hyperplasia.

6. Other factors The angle between the incision and the skin is perpendicular to the incision of the skin, and the scar will be fine after healing; the larger the angle of inclination, the wider the scar in the dermis, and the more obvious the skin deformity.

7. Other scar hyperplasia is also related to endocrine disorders, immunological changes and other pathological changes.

These factors must also be considered in the communication and diagnosis process with the patient, and their impact must be explained to the patient to avoid postoperative medical conflicts.

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June 17, 2021

Skin classification, skin type

Facial skin is mainly divided into five categories: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. Different skin types require different skin care products and methods to make your skin look better, less rough or more prone to acne.

Dry skin

If your skin problems often appear tight and dandruff,nu skin 制度 it is not easy to put on powder makeup, and it can be accompanied by the dull and easily broken skin of China, then whether your skin is dry skin. However, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, your skin will become loose and prone to wrinkles.

Normal skin

Congratulations for girls with neutral skin! Because a neutral skin is the best skin type, that is, it is not oily or dry, soft, smooth, ruddy and shiny, but as our students age, our skin is very good. prone to dryness-related skin. Normal skin is generally oily in summer and dry in winter.

Oily skin

Oil comes out all year round, be aware that there may be oily skin. Oily skin can be the biggest development feature: the skin has a strong oil secretion, and they have more blackheads on their foreheads and nose tips,nu skin 制度 and have large pores. They are prone to acne, darkening and makeup removal, but we are not prone to wrinkles and sensitivity.

Combination skin

It is easy to be misjudged by sister paper in the study of oily, skin and mixed skin. The main reason for mixed skin problems is that the T zone is greasy, while the rest of the dry and oily skin is different from the whole face oil.

Sensitive skin

If it is sensitive skin, there are symptoms such as red blood streaks and redness on the skin surface, as well as itching and tingling. Hurry up to see if you have used hormone-containing skin care products or excessive exfoliation, brushing acid, etc., if so, stop using it quickly.

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June 01, 2021

Why eat chicken breast instead of chicken legs and wings?

Due to the low fat cell content and high protein technology content of chicken in our country, it is the first choice of meat food in the diet of people with fitness development. Especially chicken breast, chicken breast should be the most popular meat in the fitness field. 氣炸雞翼At this time, someone will ask, chicken legs and chicken wings are also chickens, why not eat them?

From the source point of view, the choice of meat is only a few considerations, one is fat, one is protein, and then calories. Everyone wants meat to be low in fat, high in protein, and low in calories.

Let's first look at the data of chicken breast. For every 100 grams of chicken breast, there are about 20 grams of protein, but only 5 grams of fat, and the calories are only 105 calories.

Let's look at the chicken drumsticks. For every 100 grams of calories, 130 calories, about 10.5 grams of fat, and his calories are as high as 130 calories. The chicken wings are as high as 290 calories per 100 grams. I didn't find the fat content. If you know, you can leave me a message, but watching her calories makes me discouraged.

Our teacher can directly see that compared to chicken legs and wings, 急凍雞胸chicken breast has less fat cells and lower calories.

So chicken breast is more suitable for fitness people.

Let’s compare with other meats. Beef is also commonly eaten by fitness people. However, beef has very high calories. 100 grams of lean beef has 106 calories. protein is 20.2g, fat is 4.2g, and every 100 Grams of lean pork (note that lean pork) has a calorie of 143.00 kcal, 20.3 grams of protein and 7.9 grams of fat.

Therefore, compared with other meats, chicken breast is also the most suitable for fitness people.

Let me add another digression. Some students who develop fitness only eat fish and chicken. A small amount of beef and pork are never touched. Such an approach is not that we are wrong, but it does not mean that the price of pork in our country cannot be eaten. It is a question of how to eat and what to eat. Fatty is definitely not good, but lean meat is okay. First of all, from the perspective of protein and fat research, the protein technical content of lean pork is similar to the price of beef, and if fat is available, the content of fat cells in lean pork is higher, and the calorie management is higher than that of lean beef and chicken.

I think that the reasons for not eating pork for fitness are culture. Fitness is also a foreign product. pork itself is not the mainstream of foreign meat. The second is that our country generally likes to eat fat and lean pork. We seldom eat lean pork for cooking. Even if it is made, it is fried. Soft fried tenderloin is a kind of meat wrapped in a pot. The method of cooking technology will not be conducive to students' fitness.

Furthermore, here we are talking about ourselves once, don't develop into the misunderstanding that all the fat tissues of the company are not edible, just say that proper eating, proper eating, fat is good for the body.

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October 22, 2020








狼瘡危象,狼瘡危象(lupuscrisis)是由廣泛急性血管炎所致急劇發生的全身性疾病,常常危及生命,兒童較成人尤易發生危象,表現為:持續高熱,用抗生素無效。爆發或急性發作的下列表現之一發生。 極全身衰竭伴劇烈頭痛,急腹症類似急腹症,指尖在指甲下或指甲周圍有出血點,嚴重時口腔潰瘍。腎功能進行性下降,伴高血壓。出現精神狼瘡患者肺炎或肺出血。嚴重的神經精神性狼瘡表現。






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October 14, 2020


衛生間裝修的時候,選擇馬桶還是蹲便器這個問題,選擇會糾結到不少業主。有人說馬桶更加幹淨美觀,也有人說蹲便器更加健康,那么到底選哪種好呢?一:馬桶還是蹲廁 1.實用性 馬桶雖然坐著舒服,可經常會引起便秘問題,很多人都表示在馬桶上沒有感覺,甚至家裏買了馬桶的還會蹲在上面排便。從理論上說,蹲著排便費力較少,這樣是可以減少排便時間。所以就實用性而言,蹲便器比座便器略勝一籌。












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October 04, 2020


眾所周知,股票的走勢通常是不可預測的,否則沒有人會賠錢。 但我們仍然可以從股市情緒,題材活動,個股走勢,是否有好消息等方面對股票第二天的走勢做出一定的預測,並制定相應的策略,充分的准備對我們減少操作失誤是非常有幫助的。












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September 30, 2020



「堅持只提供對您最好的產品」這是nu skin 產品創業以來始終不變的信念。

使用眼霜。 選擇自己的眼霜是非常重要的。 要注意這一點,消除眼部皺紋,首先要補充眼部水分,養成使用眼霜的好習慣,保濕眼霜是護膚的常規武器。塗眼霜時切忌胡亂塗抹,正確的方法是:首先以無名指沾上少許眼霜,用另一手的無名指把眼霜勻開,輕輕地"打印”在眼皮四周,最後以打圈方式按摩五至六次即可。

PHARMANEX以「融合自然恩賜與科學技術」為理念,提供全系列nu skin 產品,悉心滿足您的健康需求。


如新香港集團大中華領導力事務區域副總裁暨港澳總裁楊東發率領六位 「如新愛心義工隊」







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September 19, 2020




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August 25, 2020













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August 17, 2020












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August 07, 2020












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July 24, 2020



是香港家庭料理中必備調味料,鮮味濃郁的海鮮食材,配上惹味辣椒等調味,真正屬於《香港原味道》!big big shop仲有其他香港製造的醬料,快D上嚟選購!









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July 08, 2020












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June 29, 2020


女性到了一定年齡都會出現過毛孔粗大的情況,一旦擁有凹凸不平的月球臉,就算是化妝也是很難掩蓋住的,同時也是對自身的心理造成創傷。想要擺脫毛孔,單靠護膚品是遠遠不夠的,醫學美容方法才是最佳選擇。毛孔現在很多人都存在皮膚問題,讓很多人心煩,毛孔是由於油脂分泌過多,造成毛孔堵塞。 現在市面上收縮毛孔的化妝品不能完全達到收縮毛孔的效果。






Solve enlarged pores






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June 18, 2020


從准備懷孕開始,我一直擔心伴隨我20年的鼻子過敏可能會遺傳或演變為對嬰兒的其他過敏。懷孕期間,我因鼻過敏而失去了聲音。那時,我沒有看醫生就被治愈了。現在我明白了預防勝於治療的重要性!我首先知道我的過敏源是什么,然後避免它並減少它。出現鼻子敏感。像我的過敏原一樣,溫度,濕度和黴菌的影響;相反,貓的貓毛不會使我複發,但會使我的身體不像以前那樣敏感。我將與您分享一系列提高免疫力的方法:鼻敏感 穴位










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June 10, 2020




一、簽訂購房合同,當購房者交了定金之後,小編的建議就是,要盡快簽訂購房合同,因為定金合同只有定金的法律效力,而購房合同上面的約定內容更多,在購房者履行合同的情況下,對開發商也有一定的約束。換言之,也就是說,相比起定金協議,購房合同其中有學生更多的違約責任條款,一旦開發商之間出現一些問題,那么對於購房合同將起到一個很大的作用。 如果交完定金後,需要等時間再簽訂采購合同,短時間可以了解,長時間需要謹慎。因為我們沒有進行哪一家靠譜的開發企業商會故意拖著不讓自己簽訂購房服務合同,更多的是,有些軟件開發商在五證不全的情況下就賣房,收取定金後遲遲不簽訂購房合同,此時,定金很有發展可能會由於受到經濟損失。

二、網簽,現在網簽的流程更加的方便了,之前買新房都是先簽購房合同,然後由開發商去辦理網簽,現在很多城市則是在房管局官網上用采集器直接采集購房者身份信息,然後將網簽合同打印出來。 網簽的存在,想必不需要多補多說吧,我們也知道,主要是為了防止開發商一套房子多賣,因為同一套房子在網簽合同之後,那么就不能再網簽了,除非網簽合同可以再撤銷網簽。值得注意的是,網簽是一定要辦理,但不能僅僅只辦理網簽。出售僅僅是為了記錄到房管局網簽的合同,事實上,房子仍屬於開發商,所以不要以為一切都會好起來的網簽。








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June 03, 2020


女性在30歲和40歲左右能夠進行除皺手術,看上去更年青漂亮。但是,即使在戰鬥,韶光到60歲,似乎有點不切實際。 而現在皮膚恢複會逐漸變差,達不到預期效果。

真係大愛哩款cream mask 推介畀大家為肌膚急救,而且仲能夠提升膚質同輪廓,改善皮膚下垂、鬆弛同缺水問題,令肌膚更水潤柔滑,煥發年輕光彩,重拾緊緻輪廓。


這款抗衰老精華液專門針對,因經常接觸電子屏幕及藍光所導致的衰老問題。蘊含植物幹細胞萃取、5 種革命性胜肽及亮白緊膚的草本成分,令肌膚煥發明亮光彩,重拾緊緻輪廓。

建議我們可以通過使用要求自己喜歡的香氛撒在床上或枕邊,有助於企業提高睡眠質量哦。 刺激皮膚產生熱效應,啟動損傷修複機制,促進真皮合成膠原纖維和彈性纖維,再生重塑,從而達到緊致肌膚柔嫩除皺。雖然不剝脫,但是通過光熱治療效應可以越過表皮,直達真皮,依舊存在能讓學生我們的皮膚像嬰兒般水嫩Q彈。








How can delay aging?

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